Monday, April 5, 2010

An Early Farewell

After weeks of procrastination and avoidance I’ve decided to bring this lovely blog to a close. Although I have greatly enjoyed writing entries and keeping my family and friends updated on my life “in Africa;” this public journal has unfortunately become just one of the many things added to my to-do list… and seeing as I only have 6 weeks left in Ghana, there are many things that take priority over updating my blog (such as learning how to balance things on my head and carry babies on my back). But not to worry, there will be many more blogs to come… as soon as I figure out which country to go to next!

Until next time…



  1. Boooooooo!

    Well I guess I understand. Thanks for your great story telling.

  2. baby-holding tip: you wrap their legs around your waist, let them sit back slightly on your hips. hold the fabric lengthwise, scoop the middle under the baby's butt, then wrap it around the front ideally twice, twist and knot through the wrapped front. (you've got the hips for it!)
    enjoy your last six weeks!!