Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finding My Fellow Anarchists!

I recently realized that although I've painted an accurate picture of the very conservative values shared by most Ghanaian, I have yet to portray any of the more progressive ideas that some people posses here. To do so I'll share with all of you some interesting photos I've taken... enjoy!This was a feminist section in the only book store I've found here. When I saw it I got so excited I jumped and down, I scared the cashier a little, but I just couldn't contain myself!
This might be my favorite... totally inappropriate here, but hilarious!
A homeopathic medicine stand at the Trades Fair... this ones not progressive, just very strange and inappropriate.
Finally! Someone who has some clarity!!!!
Yes... she is sitting on the crapper. This one's not particularly liberal either... but it is improper!
Seeing as the word "vegetarian" doesn't exist here (in English or Twi) this poster took me by surprise... then again I was at the only vegetarian restaurant in Accra.

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