Saturday, February 13, 2010

You're Never too Old to Want Your Mommy

Surprise! My mom came to visit me all the way in Ghana! Well, it wasn't a surprise for me, but it probably is for everyone reading this. So Yay!!!!! You can all get excited with me!

When my mom got here on Thursday I already thought I was the luckiest girl in the world, first because my mom came all the way to West Africa to see me, and second because by some magical twist of fate she got in to Ghana just hours before a last second dance performance I was in. The timing of her visit couldn't be more perfect, or so I thought until I got a little injured at the rehearsal before the show. Due to the energetic, somewhat violent nature of the choreography, another dancer and I collided and apparently my tooth went through my face. (That sounds grosser than it looks I promise!)

At first I thought that I had just bit my lip pretty badly, but when I saw everyone's scared faces I realized there was blood all over my chin. Thank goodness everyone in Ghana carries a handkerchief with them to wipe the sweat off their brow, because it came in handy when I had to go meet my mom. I didn't exactly want to greet her with blood running down my face, if my mom was gonna cry when she saw me I wanted it to be happy tears, not fearful ones. Luckily, it stopped bleeding enough for me to perform and my mom was there to hold my hand afterwards at the pharmacy (pharmacies are more reliable here than hospitals). I really don't know what I would have done if she wasn't here. Even at 20, in a developing country in West Africa, it still helps to know that my mommy is nearby!

The good news is my face is looking a lot better! It looks like I either got a really strange piercing that went very wrong, or like I got in a fight that didn't end well for me. Between the gash and the cornrows I got for the show, I kind of look like a bad ass if you ask me, or at least more than I ever have before. I think I like it!


  1. Oy that does not sound good! Glad you're healing though and that your mom came to visit you, that will be so fun!!!
    Much love from Barcelona!

  2. Ahhh! Have fun in Barcelona! So jealous!!!! I can't wait to see pictures!

  3. haha. Nice twist to making the best of your injuries. haha. Scars are tattoos... but with better stories. ;) Monty & I send greetings from Vegas!

  4. You didn't say who was in the picture with you and your mom!

    Also, I have a friend who "pierced" his lip when he took a dive waterskiing. He could quirt water through his lip. Any such luck?

  5. 1. The woman in the picture with me and my mom is Rabi, my favorite Ghanaian so far! She runs a stand in the market in front of my University with her mom and two sisters. They sell beauty products and buckets and teach me TWI everyday. She's wonderful.
    2. Water definitely was squirtin through my lip... that was when I decided I needed to see a doctor.
    3. Just wait till I get a Kelly inspired hair-do, shits gonna be crazy!