Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chocolate, Children, and Everything in Between

Its only been four days since my last post but I've already done so much! If I were to describe it all in detail this blog would soon become a novel, so to spare you all and make it slightly more interesting Im just going to turn this entry into a picture diary. There will be more photos published on facebook but for now I'll share the ones that paint a picture of my recent adventures. Enjoy!

Learning how to make Cocoa at Ghana's first cocoa farm. 40% of Ghana's exports is cocoa, it is the second largest cocoa producer in the world.

Playing with children at the nearby school!

Hard at work at the wood carving village.

Manual pump gas station. You turn the handle, wait for the glass vile to fill and then let it empty in to your car, then repeat.

Beautiful hollow tree in the Aburi Gardens!

The only tree I've ever climbed from the inside!

The first lighthouse ever built in Ghana, only seconds away from the hungry vultures picking through garbage on the beach.

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